Unreached People

How Will They Hear?

“How will they believe in whom they have not heard?” Romans 10:14b

Can you imagine what it would be like to grow up in a village where there was no access to the Good News of Jesus? Not a place where people have heard the message of Christ and rejected. A place with no witness to the Gospel. A where you would live your entire life without even having an opportunity to consider following Jesus. That describes the Wadi people.*

The Wadi people are a people group of almost a million who find their home in the Arabian Peninsula. Ten years ago, there was not even a single Jesus Follower among them. Today there are a few dozen of them, but they are spread out among hundreds of cities and towns. The vast majority of Wadi people will live and die without even hearing about Jesus once in their lives. They epitomize Romans 10:14: “How will they believe in whom they have not heard?”

As Jesus Followers, what do we do with that reality? Do we ignore it because it is too painful? Do we slide into despair because it seems impossible? Or do we do what Jesus did and ask the God of the universe to move on their behalf (Matt. 9:36-38)?

Today, let’s go before our Heavenly Father on behalf of the Wadi People and plead for:

• God to protect and embolden the tiny Christian community within the Wadi people,

• God to call out Jesus Followers from other people groups to come and bring the Gospel to Wadi people communities with no access to the Gospel,

• God to break through the tremendous barriers (fear, hostility, ignorance) in individual lives and draw Wadi people to faith in Jesus.